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As a not-all-that-normal person, it is always a delicate challenge to spark up casual relationships with brand new people.For one thing, there’s the whole issue of being 11 years into semi-retirement, which makes any discussion of work schedules, mortgages and debt, or even overall goals in life a challenge: you either make up a superficial cover story or you open up a huge can of worms that will take an hour to explain.We caught animals and used for ingenious purposes, to create even more advanced tools, weapons, and methods of preserving information.On and on through the generations, our survival and advancements have been won only as we became more efficient with our resources.

When really, measuring life by your spending level is like judging a town by the size of its parking lots.

This domination has been entirely the fruit of our .

I mean, sure, monkeys will seek out straight sticks and use them as tools to harvest bugs from a nest, but early humans sought out even more specialized sticks, arranged them into better shelters, weapons and animal traps.

But what I don’t enjoy, is how the rest of our society is missing the beauty of this endeavor.

It bugs me to see people standing on the airport escalators when they could be sprinting up the adjacent stairs with a suitcase in each hand.

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