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The design represents the UK's rich multiethnic/cultural identity - apositive legacy of the old empire - as well as the recent gradual "flowering" of a much more positive society, tolerantof many cultures.Stuart Baylis You said: The lion is a strong symbol of British unity, especially for sporting teams.I am a member of the internet's Flags of the World (FOTW), and I basedmy design on the Union Jack image at FOTW created by Antonio Martins David Cohen, journalist and vexillologist Perth, Australia Dave Martucci You said: My design consistsof the traditional flags of England (St George's Cross) and Scotland (St Andrew's Cross) joined in a new way so that one is not superior to the otherbut the symbolism is still "United Kingdom".The design is known intraditional heraldry as a gyronny (of 8) and each segment contains acorresponding part of the two flags alternately. It waspublished in our newsletter (NAVA News) a few issues back. Dave Martucci President, North American Vexillological Assn, Secretary/Treasurer, New England Vexillological Assn Martyn Potter You said: It's red, white and blue and stands for: tongue-in-cheek stiff-upper-lip,new Britain, frivolity, multi-culturalism, hope, union, introspection,experience and 21st century imperialism. Instantly recognisable throughout the world, so why change it?Those in gym gear were named as the most attractive female profiles.

You came up with some fine and imaginative designs, some of them variations on the existing flag, some of them entirely new.

Two million people under the age of 25 will stop using the social network this year, research firm e Marketer predicted.

Yes/No; Free basic profile members can still see photos, edit profiles, search, use discussion board.

Belfast Telegraph Digital Facebook executives have pledged to tackle fake news and online fraud after Unilever warned tech firms that it will pull lucrative advertising contracts if companies allow their platforms to “breed division”.

By Aatifah Sulleyman Young people are turning their backs on Facebook, according to a new report.

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