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"My mother suffered with depression and was an alcoholic.

She began acting since 1984 and she is best known for her acting on Groundhog Day, Magic Mike XXL, Lord of the Apes, and Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan.I want to do these kinds of roles, but I don’t see them and they don’t come to me. I keep telling them thank you.”Despite the hardships and the career ups and downs, Mac Dowell said she was happy her daughters followed her into acting.She regrets not allowing them to enter the business earlier.“I had this notion that I wanted to raise my kids and give them a normal childhood and it didn’t pan out that way at all,” she said.“They don’t want to do programming about mature women because they think people go to the movies to watch men.They’ll fill the male role before they fill the female role, even if the female role is the predominant role.”Mac Dowell, with her cascading, raven hair, wide smile, and high cheekbones, has long transfixed moviegoers with her beauty and her lilting Southern accent.

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