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But your intuition is strong, clear and good and you can breathe in a higher perception of love and dating.Here you can trust your intuition again and know that you will recognize your soul mate in a deep way. You can ask for divine assistance here and trust that there is a divine plan even when it doesn’t look that way.It can be easier to focus on someone’s voice and a storyline than to sit in complete silence, left to our own devices!

Release anything smoky-colored in this energy center, like old hurt from past relationships or negative emotions and breathe in perfect orange light of trust from source and creativity. It is located by your bellybutton- below your breastbone and slightly to the left. This chakra is the center of boundaries and our sense of personal dignity.

Breathe out anything muddy colored in this energy center like feelings of insecurity and helplessness related to dating.

Breathe out any feelings of unworthiness or fear of being criticized or overwhelmed. Now breathe in the clear yellow light of your personal power and feel invincible.

Your words connect you to others in resonance and harmony and love. Release any fear of speaking your truth, saying the wrong thing, being boring or long-winded or being judged on dates.

Breathe in the clear blue energy of your throat chakra and know your truth is powerful.

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