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I was watching them do it but that clip showed up on TV... One girl would most likely be riding u while the other two just stand off to the side and wait. that is kind of like what im saying with Swedish House Mafia...3 so i've decided that we are going to have a daily wet t shirt contest at my campsite this year.the winners will be decided by crowd applause, and there will be prizes of some kind.

It practically tore me apart every time you went on a date with another girl." I smiled and Kim and I shared another passionate kiss. " I exclaimed, "I mean, you're not a toy, but you're my girlfriend, and you see, it's like…I'm sorry! " I exclaimed, tripping over my own words trying to explain to Kim.

i need to purchase some kind of megaphone or portable battery powered PA system, and start working on a stage.

With a franchise as long-running as The Fast and the Furious, it’s not unusual to see characters come and go from film to film — unless they’ve been killed off.

We are going to go see 'The Love Cruise'Glittergurl4ever: Awwww! Very unscientific.e=mc2mathlete: I agree with Julie on this, it's highly unlikely and has no scientific data to back it up. ji'Bogatonakdgui: It means "A young girl between the ages of 15 and 17 who was born in a rich family in a rural village in Hakmakhistan that has gone to live with her poor uncle and his goat who run a restaurant in America."Swasome Swagmaster: …Sexy Karate Beast: …NMSNerd Girl: …Lil Easy Rapper: …Glittergurl4ever: …e=mc2mathlete: Wow…that's…specific…Karategurl482: Now that's a big bowl of word salad right there! e=mc2mathlete: Well, it is a math formula that is used for calculating…Karategurl482: MILTON!

xx Karate Gurl482: *eye roll* Ya'll are freaks Sexy Karate Beast: Dude, that title sounds so sappy, I feel like less of a man just reading it NMSNerd Girl: Well, I have seen the movie and it is all about the probability of people falling in love on an enchanted boat. Karategurl482: Oh, you're gonna regret it alright, Jack!

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