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In the new science, however, rational explanation was desirable.

In 1640 Ussher produced his famous calculation that the Earth was created in 4004 BC.

He would have answered that the Earth was ancient, that there had not been a Noachian flood, and that the species of life had not been fixed over the history of Earth.

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According to sources, the UFC fighter and his companion spent some time under the warm South Florida sun for a little sunbathing before frolicking in the water together.

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I don't know if the relationships last, or why they don't.

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The physical models were open to question and, in retrospect, were naive.

It became quite clear that many areas of the Earth had alternated between being land and being covered by seas, that there had been extensive slow sedimentation, that the mountains had not been created in situ as is but rather had a long history of slow deformation, and that long periods of erosion had shaped the Earth everywhere.

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