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Meet someone easily by registering for free on this new dating site.Find love, meet your soulmate in faith and organize a Christian marriage for life or a solid relationship is what we propose to do with ease.With funny guys such as Jim Carrey, Michael Cera and Martin Short all hailing from Canada, you know that Canadians probably get to laugh more than anyone else.Lots of Americans are probably secretly jealous of Canada just for the thick European culture that still permeates many of the larger cities.Of course, you’ll be outside enjoying a walk, and the exercise cancels out all the junk food, right?

Or hand out leftovers from a large family meal to less fortunate people in my neighborhood.. I found a local church and spent the 23, 24,& 25Dec. Something different happened this time I am in school to get my BBA. I like to go to the mall to look at things and get a bite to eat.

I am a movie buff, and also love tinkering with computers as a hobby.

The list is long on my interests, and I prefer to get out and make the most of the day, and I am no couch potato.

I dislike arrogance but admire confidence and class. I like to get out to a beach or lake whenever possible to soak up nature.

I like animals wild or tame, and could easily spend a whole day at a zoo, or go to a nice park or wild area.

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