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Then in the 90s, with Philadelphia still stagnating, Somerton was one of a few areas where new homes were still being built.Being so close to the suburbs has made Somerton a major attraction for many city employees who are required to live in Philadelphia as part of their job.Occupying a privileged position, the house is located in the countryside but offers easy access to the nearby cities and main attractions.LOOK FOR OUR SPECIAL RATES 2/3 NIGHTS 10-15% DISCOUNT!These are some of the questions explored in this compelling and extensively revised fifth edition.As before, Urban Life is topically and geographically wide ranging, with well-cra What does urban mean?It was demolished in 2006, but true stories of its horrors and urban legends survive.

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The richly ethnographic content of each chapter appeals to students and encourages them to reconsider their preconceptions about the social life and character of cities and city dwellers.

While many Philadelphia communities began a decline after World War II, Somerton thrived, becoming a recipient of white flight.

From the 40s to the 90s, the population increased from a few hundred people to more than 25,000.

You can see pictures of suffering patients in the old hospital here.

Smithfield Inn: During the Revolutionary War, this inn was a battle site, and 26 colonial soldiers died at the hands of the Brits. Woodhaven Expressway: Many longtime Somerton residents complained about the development of their neighborhood post-WWII that turned it from a tiny rural community to something much larger. This highway was proposed to connect I-95 with Mont Co, but Somerton helped prevent that from happening.

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