Consolidating concrete vibration

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Precasters spend valuable time and money “rubbing out” surface imperfections when using conventional concrete.

What factor has a greater effect on concrete compressive strength than any other? Unless concrete is properly consolidated, voids reduce strength regardless of the water-cement ratio.

Unlimited opportunities exist with innovative options for color and texture of exposed surfaces.

Perhaps most importantly, SCC produces exposed surfaces that are virtually defect free, allowing concrete's beauty to shine.

The amount varies with mix type and slump, form size and shape, the amount of reinforcing steel, and the concrete placement method.

At a constant water- cement ratio, each percent of air decreases compressive strength by about 3% to 5%.

And, as shown in Figure 1, the effect is significant.

Right after it’s placed, concrete contains as much as 20% entrapped air.

The spread (slump flow) of SCC typically ranges from 18 to 32 inches (455 to 810 mm) depending on the requirements for the project.

It is defined as a concrete mix that can be placed purely by means of its own weight, with little or no vibration.

As a high-performance concrete, SCC delivers these attractive benefits while maintaining all of concrete's customary mechanical and durability characteristics.

Adjustments to traditional mix designs and the use of superplasticizers creates flowing concrete that meets tough performance requirements.

If needed, low dosages of viscosity modifier can eliminate unwanted bleeding and segregation.

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