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He is now a prominent scientist and takes care of his brother.He tends to get exasperated by his little brother's antics, and calls him Theodore (which annoys Teddy) but loves him a great deal.

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Chrono Days allows the player to go through 30 days, traveling through the past and present.

He is a bit scatterbrained, but loving and compassionate.

He is an orphan who worked at a package delivery service until he lost his job after jumping off of a train following a handkerchief. Emmett is very clumsy and has horrible luck but still has an optimistic attitude. After giving him your handkerchief, tell him he can return it to you.

Landon says that Teddy is a lot like their father, who passed away a few years before the start of the game.

Likes: Sistehcap Album, Lemon Soda Landon is Teddy's older brother and has known Saige since childhood.

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