Duchamp bicycle wheel dating

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In summer 1942, Cunningham reunited with Cage, who probably introduced him to Duchamp shortly thereafter.

Cunningham and Cage commenced a romantic relationship in early 1943, which endured until the latter’s death in 1992.

His brothers also taught him to play chess, which became a lifelong passion.

In 1945, his close friend Man Ray argued: ‘Those who say you do not work any more are crazy….

The most insignificant thing you do is a thousand times more interesting and fruitful than the best that can be said or done by your detractors.’ In 1966, Rauschenberg professed: ‘I’ve always found it difficult to talk about Marcel Duchamp’s works specifically….

In fact, when Rauschenberg first encountered , he acknowledged: ‘I thought that was the most fantastic piece of sculpture I’d ever seen.’ Whether a bicycle wheel, bottle rack, or urinal, Duchamp’s readymades offered answers to a question that he first posed in 1913: ‘Can one make works that are not works ‘of art’?

’ Like the readymades, chance, which Duchamp also embraced in 1913, enabled him to suggest alternative answers to this same question.

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