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However, I don’t think this study branched out enough, because no effing way should it be even on the top 10 easiest places for women ― said the woman who dated in NYC for almost a decade.

Also, Australia has koalas, which is way better than squirrels anyway.

When it comes down to eligibility, the majority of people don't consider themselves “extremely eligible.” Instead, the most “eligible city,” goes to San Francisco for women at 28 percent and Sydney for men at 29 percent.

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When the dating world gets you down, it’s easy to scream out, “I’m moving! ” And while that may be the case, realistically, if you could move, where would you go?The study by dating site, Coffee Meets Bagel, examined dating trends around the world.For example, what cities are easiest to date in (obviously, New York isn’t on the top of that list for women that's for sure) and what people are looking to come of their online dating experience. 11 released in mangaheat fastest, recommend your friends to Dating was the Easiest! 11 manga scan Code: Breaker | Futsumashi na Yome desu ga | Gakkou Kaidan | Gleipnir | Mahou Tsukai no Yome | Monokuro Shounen Shoujo | Overlord | Real Account II | Seikon no Qwaser | Shokugeki no Soma | T-REX na Kanojo | The Gamer | Tokiwa Kitareri!!

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