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We exchanged a few messages on the site and he told me that he was widowed, having lost his wife and daughter in a terrible car crash.

His pictures looked nice, he looked clean cut, tall, just how I like them!

Charlie told me that the situation with his work (he worked for a charity military organisation) was getting very heated, and the "emergency dispatch papers were on their way". He didn't make me feel comfortable so I constructed a message in my head, and waited for him to message me so I could do the deed.

I was so nervous, I didn't want to upset him, but I knew that it was right to stop contact.

When single Isobel Clarke's thoughts turned to giving online dating a go a little while ago, she was hoping to meet a nice man, perhaps experiencing some natural highs and lows along the way.

She was not prepared to be the victim of a romance scam...

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