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So, if you have a scent you like, but want to give it a little more youth and edge by adding a leather note into the mix, Tuscan Leather could be just the thing.

The performance has suffered massively of recently.

A male friend was trying out several men's perfumes on skin, and though this smells gorgeous from the bottle and for the first half hour, the dry down was sickly sweet to my nose.

It's pleasant, but I think it would be sickly sweet on my skin too. @Lux Lumi Don't ever feel like you cannot wear this fragrance on terms alone of being non approachable.

Fragrance is meant to be worn to make you feel comfortable.

Judging by the fact a lot of men and women like this fragrance, including myself, by you wearing Tuscan Leather, you would be VERY approachable! Getting to the fragrance, I do not own this one, but I have smelt it on many occasions whilst shopping in malls.

Do I really want to personally have that new car smell as my signature? If you do want to smell like expensive leather, this is definitely for you! Within in an hour, it was really close to the skin and just kept fading away from there. It is doubtful anyone else at the party is going to be wearing the same frag.

12hr longevity and solid sillage for 5-6hrs atleast. Once I finished the decant, I bought a full bottle from Heathrow Duty Free. No raspberry chocolate or anything for, just a whole lot of leather and nothing but leather.

Much to my dismay, this juice is rather lacklustre. The raspberry note never truly seems to come forth. I think I applied around 8 sprays and got 5hrs max with poor projection. Now, without a doubt, it had the smell of expensive, elegant leather.

If you have the same issues with TL, I suggest tracking this down as it's waaaaaay cheaper and I get great performance from it...

overall it just feels more full-bodied to me than this rubbish Tom Ford is pumping out now.

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