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If you are a sadist, even just domme, I'd suggest rituals that will build his tolerance.

Yes, maybe allow him to clean it once properly with cleansers and such before the first time  - you will be amazed how spotless it's kept from now on!Just to add to the effect, I make my slaves-in-training (or punishment) perform this ritual five times per day, including and especially at least once in the middle of the night. I think it best to always emphasize a slave's vulnerability by ordering him to remain naked throughout as much of the day and night as possible.As I said, our goal is to get our slave in training to mentally associate his desires with submission to pain for our pleasure. Similarly, other signs of his status are important.And, he will be a real slave if you train him properly.And you will be free to enjoy all the pleasures of a mistress/owner -- his complete devotion to your sexual pleasure, if you are a sadist, his true and frequent pain and suffering, and the freedom to have sex with whomever you choose. Yes, you do need to make him regularly submit to domination and pain in a formal setting. No safewords or any way for the slave to terminate.

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