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So, we reviewed each and every discussion and IEEE papers in which the inventor has contributed. We came across a version of IEEE standard 802.11 – 2007 that described the very similar concept as that of the patent, though in a bit different manner.A Checklist to Make Your Life Easy: Download your copy of free Prior Art Search Checklist that helps keeping mistakes at bay: That was a great find.We also located the private testing facilities which can help us in confirming the required composition in certain filters. In invalidation search or Inter Partes Review search, most of the people start with finding who did it first, we started with who is doing now.Out of the many companies who are doing it now, there is one who might be the first one to come up with the composition.STORY This time, we thought to start the search in a regular way.We started with the development of a detailed understanding of the patent followed by thorough analysis of file history to identify the novel aspect of the patent.However, before we could get any happy, we found that this standard was published post the priority date of the subject patent.So even though we had a good lead we were back to our original challenge.

We started with the basic search to understand the level of availability of required information in the patent literature.This means we have to first find sources that talk about composition.We found that the academic literature discloses composition information, however, still the level of details that we required were not described in the literature. We called all the team members involved in the project and brainstormed on what is something that we have not looked at but may give us some hints.File history of a patent provides a great deal of information on where a prior art could be found.We use it more often than not; here is one account: How Intermatic could win this patent fight.

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