Kenyan christian singles dating dating several guys

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After the official church ceremony, the afternoon is a time of celebration, dance, song and food!

Shortly after our wedding, we learned that attending other weddings keeps our own marriage fresh and refocuses us. What do you think about foundations as a single person?

Towards the end of a two year friendship, we felt the sparks and individually made our way to our mentors. Why “check in” with your mentors/pastors, you might ask.

Because you know (Share this) And even if you are, you don’t know how to grow and nurture real love.

Tommy and I were friends for two years before we started going out “officially”.

During this time we had opportunities to serve together in church and do group hangouts.

Dating is something you do as a lifestyle, without any intentions, just for the fun of it.

“Going out on a date” is intentional, it has a reason and limits. They have a sense of responsibility for one other and thrive in community.

Finding a person who matches your lifestyle needs and preferences is not an easy task.We continued with our hangouts after we got married and right up until our move two years ago.Not to say that we are now perfect as couple and have never had issues.(Share this) My husband says that attending weddings is like hanging out with God where it matters (Malachi 14: 2a) So that’s how we do it in Kenya : ) Again, this is an overall “sketch” of things, not a hard and fast rule. It’s not easy to find a life partner who is rich and polished, and also Christians!

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