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In a 46 page opinion issued on March 2, 2012 Judge Amy Berman Jackson ruled that the posting requirement itself is lawful.However, Judge Berman Jackson also concluded that other parts of the NLRB’s rule went too far.For legal advice regarding your specific situation, please consult your attorney.Copyright 2011 Swenson Lervick Syverson Trosvig Jacobson Schultz, PA " data-medium-file="" data-large-file="" class="wp-image-1415 size-thumbnail" src="https://i0com/" alt="medical marijuana and the workplace" width="150" height="100" / Medical marijuana (technically, “medical cannabis”) can be lawfully dispensed in Minnesota starting July 1, 2015. First, the state’s new medical cannabis law generally prohibits Minnesota employers from using a job applicant’s or employee’s status of being on the medical cannabis registry as a reason for discriminating against that person.What you need to know: Unless is it completely overturned in court, withdrawn by the NLRB, or stopped by congressional action, this posting requirement will go into effect on April 30, 2012.Even though Judge Berman Jackson has weakened the requirement by declaring that “the Board cannot make a blanket advance determination that a failure to post will always constitute an unfair labor practice,” the NLRB can still make the case that a failure to post is a ULP if the NLRB can “make a specific finding based on the facts and circumstances in the individual case before it that the failure to post interfered with the employee’s exercise of his or her rights.” To reduce that risk, post the notice.Therefore, they should not pay too much attention to what happens elsewhere. Dish Network, LLC) the Colorado Supreme Court ruled that Dish Network lawfully fired an employee who tested positive for marijuana, even though that employee was apparently using the drug lawfully under that state’s marijuana laws.Given Minnesota’s prohibition against discriminating against registered patients who test positive, the outcome would probably be different here.

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And, employers will need to rely on evidence other than a drug test if they want to take action against employees or applicants who they believe have used, possessed or were impaired by marijuana on the work site or during work hours.The notice can be downloaded from the NLRB’s website.The National Association of Manufacturers has challenged the requirement in a lawsuit brought against the NLRB in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia.Ehrlich, Minnesota Medical Marijuana: What You Need to Know, MPR News, June 1, 2015).With a labor force of about three million workers (see Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development Unemployment Statistics for April, 2015), that means there are probably only 2,700 potential workers statewide who could be on the registry.

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