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Made in Neodesha, Kansas, by Cobalt Boats, it's a CS23 Surf model and it has a 300-horsepower engine on the back. The price of the Astros boat includes a special bottle of specially-branded Astros wine from Mano's Wine.

It was brought to the boat show by retailer Lakeshore Sports on Lake Conroe.

Body modification is any form of permanently or semi-permanently altering one’s physical body.

Human beings have been modifying their bodies since the creation of man, with evidence of this dating back tens of thousands of years. Below is a picture of the so-called first tattoo on his corpse.

In no particular order: the short-lived fad for licking Nintendo Switch cartridges to see if they really do taste bad (and licking other technology for comparison).

The day white supremacists and Insane Clown Posse fans both marched on Washington, prompting widespread calls on social media for a Juggalo vs. The trend toward ads cheerfully acknowledging that millennials should expect miserable working conditions and unsatisfying lives, and buy stuff to compensate.

Considering several factors, modifications are viewed differently globally depending on your culture, religion, or location.

It was in the 18 century that tattoos began to gain popularity once again, particularly with British sailors.Yes, all of these were strange indeed, and in another year they might have made the list.But 2017 was pretty competitive in the bizarro department, thanks to all the entertainers — amateur, professional and unintentional — working overtime to surprise and baffle us with their work. Fifteen seconds later, a second You Tube video started. I soon realized that they were all made by the app Ditty, which takes random words you put in and turn them into singable songs with pre-made funky tunes.From there, the trend caught on and we see the birth of our modern-day tattoo industry.But throughout history, tattoos have not only been associated with expression but also with identity.

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