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For example, play the same song 3 times and the song's Play Count will increase by 3.

But what if a song you loathe and only play as a gag for friends happens to creep into your 'Most Listened To' playlist?

Most savvy i Tunes users won't need an in-depth tutorial (just right-click and select Reset Play Count), but everyone is a newbie once.

Should your i Tunes library contain more than one embarrassing song that requires a Play Count reset, press the Command (Mac) or Control (Windows) key as you click on additional songs. To select all the songs in your i Tunes library, choose Select All from the Edit menu.

While listening to my i Pod Nano, I like to rate songs.In many cases, when I sync the i Pod, i Tunes automatically updates to reflect my activity on the i Pod.For example, the playcount will increase and the rating will be whatever I chose while listening to the i Pod.To select all of the files in your i Tunes library, press the "Ctrl" or "Apple" key and the "A" key on your keyboard.Instead of clearing play counts of the songs in your i Tunes library, you can change the settings in i Tunes to stop displaying the "Play Count" column.

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