Reality show dating in the dark

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(09/02/17) Wordsworth Donisthorpe filmed London's Trafalgar Square traffic in 1890; these are the surviving 10 frames. "Missing paint on these weights shows a bell-curve distribution for what people select." (08/31/17) Oh, the horror. Over time, the 2 colors will be evenly distributed between top/bottom half. Cuneiform cookies (08/11/17) In geometry, a deltoid, also known as a tricuspoid or Steiner curve, is a hypocycloid of three cusps (08/10/17) NATO countries since 1949 (08/09/17) Using your eyes only, which one consists of a single piece of rope that has its ends joined (08/08/17) If the 1st metacarpal bone, pictured here, suddenly became twice as long in all humans, what would be the effect on civilization & society? Doubles the volume of i Phone without causing any extra battery usage (08/12/17) Eat the past.

By Chou Ota (04/28/17) Horror movie plot generator (04/27/17) Smart Baby.

(Royal Albert Hall, London, 1932 (08/17/17) This is a 1601 depiction of sailors battling Giant Crabs in Indian Ocean (08/16/17) Using your eyes only, which one consists of a single piece of rope that has its ends joined (08/15/17) A dust devil spins across the surface of Mars (08/14/17) It is possible to use the natural contours of nature to amplify smartphone sounds (08/13/17) Body of phone case is a sound chamber.

Rhodochrosite crystal (08/29/17) Global Internet usage. This is a 4-dimensional hexdecahedroid (08/21/17) Rise and Fall of the Ottoman Empire 1300-1923 (08/20/17) Dragonflies posing for a photo (08/19/17) Skeleton Shop, London, 1935 (08/18/17) A woman grasping a huge organ.

Skull (10/10/17) Imagine this is a portal to another universe, and, soon, an alien entity will emerge (10/09/17) Mummies & curses.

(10/18/17) Interesting bone dice, ancient Rome (10/17/17) This is a kind of fractal (10/16/17) Such exquisite detail. Click to magnify (10/15/17) Proposal for Fractal Taipei Performing Arts Center (10/12/17) Photos of a jaguar attacking a huge caiman in the wetlands of Brazil (10/11/17) Artwork.

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    In classical Greek and Roman societies, exposure of the glans was considered improper, and did not conform to the Hellenistic ideal of gymnastic nudity.

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    Scientists recently made a startling discovery whilst on an expedition to monitor permafrost on the Gydan Peninsula; a 1,000-year-old bronze cup from ancient Persia (modern day Iran).

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    Many different ethnic groups coexist in Nepal, each with their own complex customs.

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    For many years I lived with the fear that he would hurt her and, sadly, my worst fear came true.

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