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To install TT-RSS, you will need a Web server running PHP (preferably PHP 5, due to some dependency issues) and either a My SQL or Postgresql database server.

Although there are desktop feed aggregators to help you keep up-to-date, Web services like Google Reader or Bloglines are often more convenient.Finally, the system can send email updates to alert you of new registrations (if you enable the optional multi-user mode) or to send a daily digest; here again you may need to check with your hosting provider to make sure that you can use the system mail transfer agent (MTA).Once you have the prerequisites, download the latest source package from the project's Web site, and unpack it into the target directory on your server.Make a copy of config.php-dist named config.php, and open it in your favorite editor.Right at the beginning are the most critical settings: DB_TYPE, DB_HOST, DB_USER, DB_NAME, and DB_PASS.

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