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I am D/D free and expect the same of anyone that I meet.

In season 4 episode "Hysterical Blindness", she is revealed to be bisexual when she confesses to Claire that she has a crush on her, and kisses her.

This way of treating his sexuality is believed to have made the network uncomfortable.

Ben is a one-night stand of Josh's during the initial stages of his open relationship with Arnold.

He's had romantic relationships with women before, with the vampire Camille Belcourt being the one that stings the most.

In the first episode concerning the matter he flatly stated he was "not gay" and did not formally declare himself to be bisexual until Season 7, but even then he did not want to be deemed "a crusader".

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    If we think of the university as a purely professional realm, where services are exchanged for a fee among rational economic actors, then sexual relationships seem clearly out of bounds, as they are in most workplaces, especially between supervisors and subordinates.

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