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Sexual fidelity and emotional fidelity have typically held different meanings and values for romantic partners based on gender.

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Determining exactly where the line is drawn between “okay” and “not okay” behaviors varies between couples.If children are involved and a partner is willing to give up the “side partner,” or is willing to “try” and give up the extra-familial relationship, a person may believe it is definitely worth the work of patching up the relationship.The popular question that is most often asked about relationship breakdowns is applicable here, “” Answering this question is not always easy due to the multiple factors that must be weighed in the decision, including both emotional and material resource investments prior and potentially upcoming in the future.The practices of some politicians and other men in dominant positions are proof enough that standards on the accepted treatment of women are greatly influenced by status, power, or celebrity.A recent review of the literature indicated that women are now as likely to cheat on their partners as men are (Fincham & May, 2017) and this has been tied to women’s growing engagement in the professional workforce.

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