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Mc Graw might be forgiven if he had decided to do nothing more than retreat to a lounge chair during the weekend (and/or serve as eye candy for his wife).Tim Mc Graw and Faith Hill are one of country's most iconic couples, so it's pretty fitting that their love story started at a musical festival.Also, to set the record straight, the only similarity to this and "Firestarter" is the main character can control fire.Other than that, these are two completely different movies.See full summary » The grand tale of a zombie holding a arm. The story line is simple, Brad Dourif plays the role of Sam in the movie.He also travels the world learning about life, and the meaning of it all. He finds out that his parents were part of an experiment that had to do with the atomic bomb and that later would kill them.

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," Hill wrote alongside an intimate Instagram snap of Mc Graw kissing his wife on the forehead. " MORE: Inside Faith Hill and Tim Mc Graw's Gorgeous Bahamas Home -- See the Pics!Proving time and time again why they are country's favorite couple.Watch the video below for some of ET's favorite moments with the pair over their longtime love story.This is good because the movie plays very dramatically and at times can be almost depressing.Brad Dourif plays a very good role in this movie (Unlike what other reviewers say) and the rest of the cast does a good job also.

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